On My Undergraduate Life

May 04, 2017

Recently I concluded my undergraduate journey in the Software Engineering program at the University of Waterloo, which spanned the past 4 years and 8 months of my life. During this journey, I developed the skills of my trade, learned life lessons through firsthand experiences, and met many people who influenced the person I would like to become. In this blog post, I will reflect upon some of my experiences under five themes.

First Europe Trip, Part 1 - From SFO to AMS

October 24, 2016

My first trip to Europe from October 14 - October 18. Part 1 - From SFO to AMS.

The Conclusion of a Summer and the Beginning of a New Term

September 14, 2015

Today is the first day of the Fall 2015 term at Waterloo, and I will be starting the second half of my third year. In this blog post, I will reflect upon the things I did this summer and what my goals are for the term.

Parsing a Body Anatomy Tree

February 19, 2015

Recently I finished working on constructing a human body tree so that relations extracted from the Knowledge Extraction project could be associated with parts of the human body. In this blog post I would like to discuss the process I went through to decode a text file that encodes information about the anatomy of the human body and produce a JSON file representing this hierarchical structure.